Partner Info

Little Hands Virginia works through a partner model to identify families in need of items for their children (newborn to three years old). We have two main programs: Individual Support and Diaper Bank Distribution

The “Individual Request Form” is for partners to request specific, essential items for a child/children in one family. Each month we fill over 250 individual requests for assistance.

The Bulk Diaper Order Form is for partners to stock up on diapers and wipes for patients/clients once a month. Each month we distribute an average of 30,000 diapers to community partners to rapidly provide diapers to families in need and

Individual Request Form
NEW SYSTEM: The Individual Request Form will be open October 16th-30th for November requests. We will fill the requests November 1st-15th and notify partners when items are ready for pick up/delivery.

We know there will always be emergency situations that can’t wait, and please know we are here when this occurs. The emergency request form below is open when the individual request form is closed. Some examples of emergencies: a house fire; a domestic abuse victim who left their partner; a newborn baby who does not have a safe sleep option; a dad who just took custody of the child and doesn’t have anything. 

-October 16th-30th: Individual Request Form open for November
-November 1st-15th: LHVA fills orders and notifies partner items are ready for pick up/delivery
-November 16th-30th: Individual Request Form open for December
-December 1st-15th: LHVA fills orders and notifies partner items are ready for pick up/delivery

Bulk Diaper Order Form
Please use this form to request diapers and wipes in bulk for your clients/patients.

-October 1st-15th: Form opens for bulk diaper orders for November
-October 16th-31st: LHVA fills bulk diaper orders and notifies partner once ready for pick up/delivery
-December 15th: Deadline to submit impact survey to receive a future diaper distribution from LHVA

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose partner pick up, you can schedule the date you would like to pick up the items. If you choose delivery, we will deliver as soon as ready and we have a volunteer to do the delivery. Deliveries might arrive in more than one car on more than one day depending on the size of the order and other deliveries we have for volunteers that week.

Bulk Diaper Distribution Impact Survey
The impact survey is due by the 15th of the month after a bulk distribution was received. We will send reminders!

Partner Information
If you are interested in partnering with Little Hands and have never worked with us before, please reach out to Taylor Keeney ( before submitting a request for the first time.