Partner Info

Little Hands Virginia works through a partner model to identify families in need of items for their children (newborn to three years old). We have two main programs: Individual Support and Diaper Bank Distribution

The Individual Request Form is for partners to request specific, essential items for a child/children in one family. Each month we fill over 250 individual requests for assistance. The Diaper Bank Order Form is for partners to order diapers and wipes in bulk on a monthly basis for the clients/patients you serve. We also now offer targeted emergency items through the Diaper Bank Order Form. Each month we distribute almost 30,000 diapers to partners.

Partner Information
If you are interested in partnering with Little Hands and have never worked with us before, please reach out to Taylor Keeney ( before submitting a request for the first time.

Individual Request Form

The Individual Request Form is open from the 16th-30th/31st of each month to request essential items needed for a child the following month.

-16th-30th of Month: Individual Request Form Open
-1st-15th of Following Month: LHVA fills orders and notifies partners that items are ready for pick up/delivery

EMERGENCY REQUESTS: We know there will always be emergency situations that can’t wait, and please know we are here when this occurs. Please fill out the partner request form and also email Ashley ( to flag that it is an emergency. If the emergency occurs while the individual request form is closed, please email Ashley directly to explain the situation and let her know the items needed.

Diaper Bank Order Form

The Diaper Bank Order Form is open from the 1st-15th of each month to order diapers, wipes, and targeted emergency items for the following month.

Emergency items partners can now order include: pack n plays (up to 2), baby bathtubs (up to 2), and baby bundles (up to 4). Baby bundles include soap, lotion, diaper cream, bottles, towel, wash cloth, 0-3m white onesies, and a diaper bag (if available). 

-1st-15th of Month: Form open for orders
-15th-30th of Following Month: LHVA fills bulk diaper orders and notifies partner once ready for pick up/delivery

Bulk Diaper Distribution Impact Survey
NEW FOR 2024: The impact survey is due by April 5th for all Q1 diaper distributions. 

Emergency Item Distribution Form
If you organization receives pack n plays or car seats from us for emergency situations, the Emergency Item Distribution Form MUST be filled out when either item is provided to a child/family.