We’re Moving!

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We are so excited to share that Little Hands Virginia is moving into its own office! This has been a dream of ours since the day we launched in August of 2019. We have always wanted an office that is centrally located, off a bus line, and easily accessible by the community, our partners, and the people we serve. We are thrilled this dream is coming true.

The new Little Hands office will be located in the Shops at Stratford Hill on Forest Hill Avenue. The office is conveniently located in the shops between the Publix and Target on Forest Hill! It’s a perfect set up with an ability for donations to be dropped off at the back door, requests to be picked up from the front door, and the community to gather inside. Photos of the space currently are below.

Our plan is to move into the new office in mid-March and have it all set up and ready for visitors April 1st! Throughout the month of March we won’t be taking in-kind donations to help reduce the amount of inventory we have to move. We will still be filling requests for children so as we need specific items we will post on social media.

So how can you help? Moving into our own office means we now need all our own office “stuff.” We have put together a registry of items we need for the new office. If you would like to help support us in our move, please consider purchasing from the registry at the link below.

Little Hands literally launched from our founder Taylor Keeney’s garage. Shortly after we moved into a storage unit (while still using Taylor’s garage) which we quickly outgrew. That fall, Second Baptist Church offered us space in their Education Building and we jumped on the opportunity. We are so thankful to Second Baptist Church for being our home for a year and a half. The space they donated to us has allowed us to focus on growing. The church has also been incredibly gracious during the pandemic as we adjusted to how we take in donations, how we get requests delivered, and everything in between. The move really is bittersweet because we have had such a great home at Second Baptist Church.

We are already so grateful to so many in the community who are helping make this office possible. Stay tuned for details on the design, build out, and incredible supporters helping us retrofit, set up and move into the office!