Donate Items

 Quality is Dignity

Below is a detailed list of items we accept. While some items must be new, most can be “gently used.” Gently used items must be clean, in good shape, and have plenty of life left for another child.

We accept clothing size newborn to 5T. Clothes must be clean and free of holes, rips, and stains. Clothes can not have a team, business logo, holiday, or reference to a family member (mom, dad, sister, brother, etc.).

Due to space limitations at our office, we cannot store furniture. If you have a crib, toddler bed and/or crib-size mattress you would like to donate, please fill out this form and we will contact you when it is needed.

Items can be sent to us directly through out Amazon Wishlist.

Click here for our donation drop-off hours and address.

Items We Need Most
(*Must be New)

These are the items we need most right now
Toiletries (baby soap, baby lotion, diaper cream)
Diapers Size Newborn, 2 and 6
Pull-Ups (All Sizes)
Single & Double Strollers
Pack N Plays
High Chairs (must fold or come apart)
Clothes size 2T, 3T, 4T/4 & 5T/5
Nursing Pillows
Diaper Bags

Items We Accept
(*Must be New)

Footed pajamas
2 piece pajamas
Winter Coats
Diapers* (Newborn to Size 6 and Pull-Ups All Sizes)
Hooded Towels*
Wash Cloths*
Baby Soap*
Baby Lotion*
Diaper Cream*
Children’s Toothbrush*
Children’s Toothpaste*
Baby Hair Brush*
Baby Nail Clippers*
Swaddles (both Halo type swaddles and swaddle blankets)
Crib Sheets
Crib Mattress Pads
Pack-n-Play Sheets
Feeding Supplies* (Bottles, sippy cups, bowls, spoons, plates)
Stroller (Single and double; must be clean, have air in the tires, and fold easily)
Jumper/Activity Center
High Chair (must be easy to fold or collapse)
Baby Carrier
Changing Pad (must be clean)
Baby Bath Tub
Nursing Pillow
Diaper Bag
Burp Cloths*
Pacifiers* (must be in the packaging)
Children’s Books (particularly board books; we do not accept religious, holiday or family books)
Toys (age appropriate for newborn to 3 years old)
Car Seats (Infant and Toddler; MUST be clean with at least 2 years left before expiring; We DO NOT accept booster seats)
Nursing Pads*
Milk Storage Bags*
Nipple Cream*
No-skid Socks*
Nursing Bras* (we prefer bras that come in size S, M, L, XL)
Breast Pumps*
Cribs & Toddler Beds (see note at the top)
Formula (see note below)
Diaper Pails
Bottle Warmers
Bottle Drying Racks
Bottle Cleaners
Used Breast Pumps
Swim Diapers
Cloth Diapers
Training Potties
Parenting Books
Baby Proofing Items
Sound Machines
Laundry Detergent
Nursing Covers
Car Seat Mirrors
Rock N Plays
Booster Car Seats
Bumps and Crib Skirts
Maternity Clothes

NOTE ON FORMULA: Thank you so much to everyone who donated formula during the formula shortage! We were so fortunate to receive enough to help our partners provide much-needed, impossible to find formulas to their clients and patients. We typically do not accept formula and are now going back to that set up. If you have formula to donate, we encourage you to reach out to your closest food bank.