200,000 Diapers in September

We are on a mission to have 200,000 diapers donated during national Diaper Need Awareness Week – September 18th through September 24th, 2023. This will help us end diaper need in Greater Richmond through the end of the year.

Get Involved:





Send diapers directly to Little Hands Virginia through our Amazon or Target Wishlist!

Or make a donation today to help us purchase diapers wholesale. For just $25 you can provide diapers for one month to a child experiencing diaper need in Greater Richmond.




Diaper Need in Greater Richmond

1 in 2 Families

Nationally, one in two families experiences diaper need today – regardless of age, race or income. That is up from one in three families in 2019, before Covid hit. With one in three children in Central Virginia living below poverty thresholds, and almost 40% in the city of Richmond specifically, the local need is high. The average household in need falls 19 diapers short each month. That’s why we provide packages of 25 diapers to each partner participating in our monthly Diaper+ Distribution Program.

300% Increase

Little Hands Virginia has seen a 300% increase in diapers requests from our partners for the families they serve in just the last year. At the same time, our partners have reported that they are receiving an increased volume of diaper requests from their clients and patients recently.

30,000 Diapers

Earlier this year, Little Hands Virginia completed an office expansion that expanded our warehouse storage space. This enabled us to expand our bulk diaper distribution program to any of our 70+ partners interested in participating. We now distribute an average of 30,000 diapers each month to partners to for immediate diaper access for their clients and patients.

Getting to 200,000

So why the 200,000 diaper goal? That’s how many diapers we will need through the end of the year to meet the demand of our growing bulk diaper distribution program, as well as the diapers we provide to over 250 children each month through our individual request program. Your support means we won’t have to spend resources on purchasing more diapers for children this year. This allows us to allocate those resources toward meeting other critical needs of families in our community.


Drop off diapers and wipes at businesses and organizations across the region during Diaper Need Awareness Week. Check out the map below to find a donation site near you!