Thank you for your help with returning the reusable diaper bags back to Little Hands Virginia!

This will help us conserve resources, stay green, AND have enough bags for orders each month.

Partner Delivery:
If we deliver diapers to you, there are 3 ways to get the bags back to us:

1) Unload during delivery
If it’s possible for you to unload the diapers from the bags at delivery time we would be so appreciative. We have asked our volunteers to leave a couple extra minutes for diapers to be unloaded at your organization and get the bags back during the delivery process.

2) Drop the bags off at our office at your convenience within 2 weeks of the diaper delivery
Our address is 7101 Forest Hill Ave., Suite L, Richmond, VA 23225. Drive around to the back of the building and come to the door labeled (partner pick up door). Ring the doorbell and Margaret or a volunteer will greet you and grab the bags. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm and Friday 9am-12pm.

3) Schedule a bag pick up
Just email and she will arrange for a volunteer to come back within the next two weeks to pick up the bags.

Partner Pick-Up:
Here are the two ways to get the bags back to us if you do partner pick up:

1) If you get diapers from us every month, just bring the bags back when you come pick up your next diaper order.

2) If your diaper bank orders are more sporadic, please return the bags to the same door as partner pick-up at your convenience during our hours within two weeks of receiving your diapers.
Our hours are Monday through Thursday 10am-3pm and Friday 9am-12pm.